Marin Girls Softball League

2020 MGS Tremors Summer Camp Tryouts


2020 MGS Tremors Summer Travel Ball Tryout Registration

Welcome to the MGS Tremors Summer Travel Ball Camp Tryout registration.


We are opening registration for these tryouts for players in age groups 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U.  Final camps will be determined based on coach and resource availability.


Camps will operate 3+ sessions per week, with a maximum camp size of 12 players.  These camps will be conducted on 3  week cycles.  When and if MHHS allows the resumption of practices and games, these camp will convert to travel ball team practices.


Age groups are defined by the players age on December 31st, 2019.  If your player was 10 years old on December 31st, 2019 then she is a 10U (10 and under player), even if she turned 11 on January 1st. 


Due to COVID-19, this year's tryout will happen in two phases.  


1. Complete this registration, where you'll be asked to share a link to your players tryout video, or request that we send you a folder where you can upload your tryout videos.


2. The selectors will review the videos, and contact players to organize a private tryout. During the private tryout, a parent or sibling will be required to attend to assist during the tryout process.


Registrations, along with your player video need to be submitted by Sunday, June 15th, 2020.


Video Content


We're not evaluating future "George Lucas's" here.  Please have fun with this process.


Create a short video or videos (total of 120 seconds; 240 seconds for pitchers and catchers) smartphone quality is fine, with the following content:


    • A short introduction telling us your name and where you played softball last season. (10 seconds)


    • Throwing a ball with a parent,  sibling or into a net. (20-30 seconds).

-8U build up to a distance of 30ft

-10U build up to a distance of 45ft (approx)

-12U and 14U build up to a distance of 60ft (approx)


    • Fielding grounders, and throwing the ball back to parent, sibling, or net (20-30 seconds)


    • Hitting balls off a tee. (20-30 seconds)


    • For pitchers please include a video with examples of each type of pitch, filmed from behind the pitcher. (30-40 seconds)


    • Catchers, please include a video throwing the ball from a squat position, and from your knees to a family member or net positioned approx. 60 feet. (30-40 seconds)


Our selectors will be reviewing your application and will call upon players to attend private tryouts.


Players may be considered for open Black team positions, Gold team positions.  

MGS Tremors Summer Travel Ball Programs


MGS Tremors is the travel ball program open to all players registered with Marin Girls Softball.  Marin Tremors fields MGS Tremors Black, competing in A/B level tournaments around Northern California, and MGS Tremors Gold (C-level), competing in tournaments around the Bay Area.




Please direct questions to:

Murray Dunn

Murray Dunn

Phone: 415-686-4858